Sermons – 2013


Date Sermon Text Sermon Audio
12/29/2013 Heidelberg Catechism Q&A105-107 – Life Play
Job 29:1-17- Job’s Reflections Play
12/15/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 104 – Paternal Obligations Play
Joshua 4:10-24 – Dominion Work: Unity and Leadership Play
12/08/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 103 – The True Holy Day Play
Joshua 4:1-9 – Stones of Remembrance for Dominion Play
12/01/2013 HC 100-102 – 3 Practical Principles for Keeping Law 3 Play
Joshua3:1-17 – Dominion: The First Step Play
11/24/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 99 – Honor God’s Name Play
Joshua 2:12-24 – Dominion Starts in the Family Play
11/17/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 98 – Using God’s Images to Teach Play
Joshua 2:1-11 – Foundation to Dominion: Factual Faith Play
11/10/2013 II Kings 9:1-13: THE ANOINTING OF JEHU ( Rev Al Bezuyen )
II Kings 9:14-37: Fall of the House of Ahab (1) ( Rev Al Bezuyen )
11/03/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 96 – Proper Worship Play
Joshua 1:10-18 – Fulfilling the Dominion Mandate: Obedience Play
10/27/2013 Psalm 51:1-10 Baby Gabrielle Needs Regenation Play
Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 94-95 There is only one true God, Serve Him! Play
10/20/2013 The Manifest Knowledge of God ( Rev Maurice Luimes ) Play
Living Forever: A Fantasy or a Reality? ( Rev Rand Lankheet ) Play
10/13/2013 Joshua 1:1-9 – Preparing to Conquer Play
Without This Doctrine the Church Cannot Exist ( Rev. Rand Lankheet ) Play
10/06/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 92-93 – Foundations of the Law Play
Jude 1:24-25 –Doxology: Praise God Play
09/29/2013 Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 91 –Responding to your Salvation: Good Works Play
Jude 1:22-23 – Caring for the Sickly and the Snakes Play
09/22/2013 Heidelberg Catechism Q&A90 – You Need to Live as A New Man Play
Jude 1:17-21–Weapons of the Snakes, Weapons of the Church Play
09/15/2013 Genesis 11:1-9  ( Derek Baars ) Play
Romans 8 (Text 28:29)  ( Derek Baars ) Play
09/08/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 88-89–What does True Conversion Look Like? Play
Jude 1:12-16 – Crushing the Snakes Heads Play
09/01/2013 The Basis for Gospel (Christian) Ministry ( Rev Greg Bylsma ) Play
The Power of Gospel (Christian) Ministry ( Rev Greg Bylsma ) Play
08/25/2013 II Kings 8:16-29 and II Chronicles 21 By Rev Al Bezuyen Play Read by Elder Douglas Gerrits
Fighting Life’s “Little” Battles By Rev Keith Davis Play Read by Elder Douglas Gerrits
08/18/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 87- Church Members who will go to hell! Play
Jude 1:8-11 – Reasons to fight the Snakes: Dishonorable Men Play
08/11/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 86- – Gospel, Law, and Good Works Play
Jude 1:4-7 – Reasons to fight the Snakes Play
08/04/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 85-Keys of the Kingdom: Discipline Play
Jude 1:1-3 – Preparing to Fight Play
07/28/2013 Heidelberg Catechism-83-84-The Keys of the Kingdom: Preaching Play
Daniel 12:8-13-Have knowledge, Have faith Play
07/21/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 81-82 – The Lord’s Supper and Discipline Play
Daniel 12:1-7 – Jesus Comforts his Saints in Trouble Play
07/14/2013 Joshua 3 All the Way My Saviour Leads Me By Rev Harry Zekveld Play
Joshua 4 Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds which God Performed of Old By Rev Harry Zekveld Play
07/07/2013 II Kings 7:3-20: Siege of Samaria 2 By Rev Al Bezuyen Play
II Kings 8:1-6 By Rev Al Bezuyen Play
06/30/2013 God’s grace leads to godly lives
By Rev. Stephen ‘t Hart
Play Read by Elder Douglas Gerrits
The joy of forgiveness is for those who follow God’s pathway to pardon. By Rev. Stephen ‘t Hart Play Read by Elder Douglas Gerrits
06/23/2013 HC 78-80 – Corruption of the Lord’s Supper Play
Daniel 11:32-45 – Hold Your Ground Play
06/16/2013 HC 75-77 –The Lord’s Supper-Covenant and Gospel Play
Daniel 11:15-31 – Judah: Captured for Compromising Play
06/09/2013 HC 71-73 – Christian Baptism: Assurance and Abuse! Play
Daniel 11:-1-14–God Makes Empires Crumble Play
06/02/2013 Daniel 10:10-21 – Strength to Speak the Truth Play
Isaiah 40 – To Whom Do You Liken God? ( Rev Maurice Luimes ) Play
05/26/2013 “When Life Seems Unfair” Scripture text: Psalm 37 Play
05/19/2013 HC 69-70 – Christian Baptism: United With Christ and his Church! Play
Daniel 10:1-9 – The Work of the Man With Eyes of Fire Play
05/12/2013 Heidelberg Catechism Q&A74 –Baptism of Covenant Children Play
Isaiah 33:17-24–Behold Your Beautiful King Play
05/05/2013 Malachi 1:1-5 Sermon (Rev Greg Bylsma) Play
Malachi 1:7-11 Sermon (Rev Greg Bylsma) Play
04/28/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 67-68–The Holy Sacraments Play
Daniel 9:20-27 – Christ will Deliver; Christ will Destroy! Play
04/21/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 65-66–How Does Faith Come? Play
Daniel 9:11-19 – God’s Unstoppable Kingdom Requires Confession of Sins: Three More Bases for Forgiveness Play
04/14/2013 HC 62-64 – Good Works do not save you ; Good Works do not even help to save you Play
Daniel 9:1-10–God’s Unstoppable Kingdom: Another Hindrance Play
04/07/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 59-61 – Faith: Hindrances & Results! Play
Daniel 8:15-27–God’s Unstoppable Kingdom-God Works, You Work Play
03/31/2013 Mark 15:1-20 – Christ Took Full Responsibility Play
Exodus 17:1-7–Striking of the Christ Play
03/24/2013 Hosanna! (Rev Eric Penings) Play
A Matter of Honour (Rev Eric Penings) Play
03/17/2013 HC 58 – What is Eternal Life Look Like, Now and later? Play
Dan 8:12-14 – God’s Unstoppable Kingdom-A Common Hindrance Play
03/10/2013 HC 57- The Resurrection of Your Body Play
Daniel 8:1-11 –God’s Unstoppable Kingdom: The Ram, The Goat Play
03/03/2013 HC 56- God’s Words on Forgiveness Play
Daniel 7:26-28 – Persecution, Preservation, Problem Play
02/23/2013 HC 55- Fellowship Among The Saints Play
Daniel 7:15- 25 – Wretched Beast but Wonderfully Blessed! Play
02/17/2013 Matthew 5:8(Rev Greg Bylsma) Play
Matthew 10:12(Rev Greg Bylsma) Play
02/10/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 54– The Holy Catholic Church Play
Daniel 7: 1-14 – The Beasts and the Man With the Beard Play
02/03/2013 HC 53– The Holy Spirit: His Nature, His Work, The Results Play
Daniel 6:12-28 – Daniel’s Unmovable Faith Which Worked– Part 2 Play
01/27/2013 James 4:11-12 Who are you to judge another?(Rev Harry Zekveld) Play
Lord’s Day 49 Angelic Christianity(Rev Harry Zekveld) Play
01/20/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 52–Jesus: His Return and Judgment–Part 2 Play
Daniel 6:1-11 – Daniel’s Unmovable Faith – Part 1 Play
01/13/2013 Heidelberg Catechism 52–Jesus: His Return and Judgment–Part 1 Play
Daniel 5:12-31 – The Work of Children of Light Play
01/06/2013 Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 50-51– Christ’s Power and Glory Play
Daniel 5:1-9 – At The End of the Line Came a new Beginning Play
01/01/2013 2Timothy 3:13-17 –The Danger and Cure for Diabolical Deception Play