Sermons – 2018

Date Sermon Text Sermon Audio
2018-12-30 Zephaniah 3:8-13 – Rejecting, Restoring, and Reviving the Jews Play
I Believe in God who is Loving Play
2018-12-23 Luke 2:8-17 – Hear, See, Speak of Jesus Play
Preparation for the Revelation of Jesus (Enoch Chow) Play
2018-12-16 God’s Mercy on Display (Nathan Zekveld) Play
Through a Mirror Dimly (Nathan Zekveld) Play
2018-12-09 Psalm 119:105 – Light for your Feet and Path Play
I Believe in God who is Patient Play
2018-12-02 Zephaniah 3:1-7 – The Wicked Woman Rejects Her Rescuer Play
I Believe in God who is Wise Play
2018-11-25 Zephaniah 2:12-15 – Encouragement to Repent – Part 2 Play
I Believe in God who is Jealous Play
2018-11-18 Zephaniah 2:4-11 – Encouragement to Repent Play
I Believe in God who is Majestic Play
2018-11-11 Mark 8:1-10 Feeding of the Four Thousand Rev Al Bezuyen Play
Mark 8:10-21 The King Deals With Disbelief Rev Al Bezuyen Play
2018-11-04 Zephaniah 2:1-3 – Church: Get Your Act Together Play
I Believe in God who is Holy Play
2018-10-28 2 Timothy 3:13-17 –Diabolical(恶魔的) Deception Without the Word Play
Zephaniah 1:14-18 – Judah’s Judgment: Soon, Severe, Sure Play
2018-10-21 Psalm 130 :3-4 The Grace and Power of Divine Forgiveness (Part 1) Rev Harry Zekveld Play
Psalm 130:3-4 The Grace and Power of Divine Forgiveness (Part 2) Rev Harry Zekveld Play
2018-10-14 You Can Hide From God’s Judgment Play
I Believe in God who is Just Play
2018-10-08 Proverbs on Giving Play
2018-10-07 God is a Consuming Fire Play
I Believe in God who is Good Play
2018-09-30 Mark 14:22-26 – Communion with the Lord Play
I Believe in God who is Unchangeable Audio unavailable
2018-09-23 The Body of Christ Rev Greg Bylsma Play
The Church in Prayer Rev Greg Bylsma Play
2018-09-16 Hebrews 10:1-18 Savior-Shaped ShadowsRev Brian Zegers Play
Is God Ghastly and Genocidal?Rev Brian Zegers Play
2018-09-09 Mark 14:1-11 – The Jewish Conspiracy阴谋 to Kill Jesus Play
BC 1, Romans 1:20 – Know that God is Invisible Play
2018-09-02 Mark 13:28-31- The Time of Jerusalem’s destruction Play
Mark 13:32-37 – When will Jesus Return? Play
2018-08-26 Mark 13:24-27 – God will Save his people Play
Psalm 121 From where does my help come? Mr. Enoch Chow Play
2018-08-19 Mark 13:21-23 – Deceivers inside and outside the Church Play
HC 128-129 – How to End Your Prayer! Play
2018-08-12 Mark 13:14-20 – Difficulties for Christians When God Destroys the Jews Play
HC 127 – Help: We are weak; our enemies are strong; You are able Play
2018-08-05 Christianity and Injustice Mathew 25:31-46 Rev. Al Bezuyen Currently unavailable
Romans 5:1-5- Title: The Results of Justification Mr. Enoch Chow Play
2018-07-29 Jesus walks on water  Mr. Enoch Chow Play
HC 126 – Father, Keep me close to you! Play
2018-07-22 The Mark 13:9-13 – The Jews’ Final Attempt to Destroy Christ’s Church Play
God graciously meets with Jacob in a vision to assure him of His covenantal faithfulness Mr. Enoch Chow Play
2018-07-15 The Temptations of Jesus Christ Luke 4:1 – 13 Rev. Curt Van Dyken Play
Hometown Preaching Luke 4:14-30 Rev. Curt Van Dyken Play
2018-07-08 Ecclesiastes 2:12-26 – How to Hate Life God’s Way Rev. Harry Zekveld Play
Matthew 5:14-16 – The Powerful Presence of Jesus’ Disciples in the World Rev. Harry Zekveld (no text available) Play
2018-07-01 HC 125 – Give me my needs so I can do your work Play
John 2:1-11 – Jesus at the Wedding in Cana Mr. Enoch Chow Play
2018-06-24 Mark 13:-1-8 – Why Jerusalem is not the Throne of God! Play
HC 124 –Lord, help me to die to my will Play
2018-06-17 Joshua 1:6-9: Be Strong and of Good Courage Rev. Al Bezuyen Play
David fails as a king Mr. Enoch Chow Play
2018-06-10 Mark 12:41-44 – How man sees giving; How God sees giving Play
HC 123 – Praying for God’s Kingdom to Come Play
2018-06-03 Mark 12:35-40 – Beware of Half-Truth telling Teachers Play
HC 122 – Pray That You May Honor God’s Name Play
2018-05-27 Mark 12:28-34 – Boldness to Speak the Truth – Part 3 Play
HC 119-121 – A Father who is willing and able to meet your every need! Play
2018-05-20 Mark 12:18-27 – Courage to Speak the Truth – Part 2 Play
HC 117-118 – The Method to Pray Play
2018-05-13 Mark 12:13-17 – Courage to speak God’s Truth – Part 1 Play
HC 116 – If You Are A Christian You Must Pray Play
2018-05-06 “To Be Daughters of Sarah and Sons of Abraham” Text: Genesis 23:1-24:14; 25:7-11 Play
“As God Preserves Us, We Must Persevere” Canons of Dort: Fifth Head, articles 13-15; Bible illustration: Hebrews 12:1-13 Play
2018-04-29 “The Father Sacrifices His Son” Text: Genesis 22:1-19 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
“Preservation of the Saints” Canons of Dort: Fifth Head, articles 6-8; Bible illustration: Romans 8:28-39 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
2018-04-22 “Salvation to All Peoples through the Special Son” Text: Genesis 21:1-21 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
“The Irresistible Nature of Regeneration” Canons of Dort: Third-Fourth Head, articles 10, 14; Bible references: Romans 9:14-24; Acts 16:11-15 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
2018-04-08 “God Is Both Gracious and Just” Text: Genesis 18-19 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
“Some Practical Points about Human Depravity” (人的败坏) Canons of Dort: Third-Fourth Head, articles 4-7; Bible reference: Romans 7 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
2018-04-01 “A Covenant, a Curse, and a Cutting”
Text: Genesis 17:1-22; John 20:1-20
Rev Rand Lankheet
“The Sin Nature with Which We Are Born”
Canons of Dort: Third-Fourth Head, articles 1-4; Bible reference: Romans 1:18-25; 3:9-18
Rev Rand Lankheet
2018-03-25 “The Covenant Is Established and Maintained by God’s Grace Alone”
Text: Genesis 15:1-6, 18-20; Romans 3:28–4:13, 22-25.
Rev Rand Lankheet
“Limited Atonement—Definite Redemption”
Canons of Dort: Second Head, articles 3, 5, 8-9. Bible illustration: John 10:11-18, 25-30; 17:1-9
Rev Rand Lankheet
2018-03-18 “Blessed by Someone Greater” Text: Genesis 14; Hebrews 7:1-22 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
“The Unconditional Nature of Election” Romans 8:28-30; 9:1-23
Canons of Dort: First Head, Articles 7, 9, 10-12
Rev Rand Lankheet
2018-03-11 Seeing in a more sanctified way Rev Rand Lankheet Play
Human Responsibility and Divine Sovereignty in Salvation Rev Rand Lankheet Play
2018-03-04 “From Many to One to Many” (#1 of 10) Genesis 11:27-12:20 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
“The Victorious Reign of Jesus in the Millennium(千禧年)” Text: Revelation 20 Rev Rand Lankheet Play
2018-02-25 Mark 12:1-12 – Passion Week: Rejection and Murder Play
Heidelberg Catechism 114-115 – Jehovah Demands more than any other god! Play
2018-02-18 Mark 4:1-20 – Jesus Came To Preach The Gospel of The Kingdom That Men Might Hear and Respond Rev Al Bezuynen Play
Heidelberg Catechism 112 – The Spirit of Law 9 Play
2018-02-11 Mark 11:27-33 – Passion Week: Death Trap圈套,陷阱 Play
Heidelberg Catechism 112 – The Spirit of Law 9 Play
2018-02-04 Mark 11:12-23 – Passion of the Christ: Sadness Play
Heidelberg Catechism 112 – Love Your Neighbor: Protect his Reputation Play
2018-01-21 Mark 11:1-11 – Passion of Christ: Eye like Flint(坚石)! Play
Heidelberg Catechism 110-111 – A Satisfied Life Play
2018-01-14 Nehemiah 2 – Work and Pray! (Nathan Zekveld) Play
Psalm 16 & HC 116-118 – True Prayer (Nathan Zekveld) Play
2018-01-07 Mark 10:46-52 – A Great Servant Leader: Illustrated Play
Heidelberg Catechism 108-109 – A Pure Life Play
2018-01-01 Psalm 102:23-28 – What Will Happen in 2018, Guaranteed Play