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Evangelism and Apologetics Conference - March 13, 2004

Equip Yourself ! for Faithful Christian
Witness in an Anti-Christian Culture

If we are evangelizing outside those churchy circles, then we are dealing with people who are biblically illiterate... (Lecture 1, 63:09) almost every level your discourse is not connecting... (Lecture 1, 64:55) Itís not a shared worldview anymore in which you present a little bit about Christ. What is at stake now is a whole confrontation of one worldview with another worldview. (Lecture 1, 9:10) - Dr. Donald A. Carson >>

This conference was planned with one goal in view: to equip and encourage Christians to proclaim and defend the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ passionately, clearly, effectively and boldly in our anti-Christian culture.

We trust the audio lectures, articles, ideas, and resources on this CD will be a catalyst for fruitful application of the conference lectures

- The Organizing Committee

Sponsored by the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church of Toronto email and New Horizon United Reformed Church web

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