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Comment: These materials can be used as evangelistic tools with unbelievers.

Creation Videos - Answers in Genesis, to demolish the evolutionary foundations of Western unbelief, we need to proclaim that from biology to geology to astro-physics, true science corresponds to the Biblical account of creation, fall, flood. Various books/audio/video sets are available from Answers in Genesis

Resources for Changing Lives - Tedd and Paul Tripp Buy>> Resources for Changing Lives provides a variety of relevant, practical, Biblically sound materials designed to equip and edify God's people for the task of biblical counseling and daily living.

The Holiness of God, 6 parts, RC Sproul. Lecture series appropriate for those with Biblical knowledge who need to be confronted with their own sinfulness before Holy God

Born Again, 6 parts, RC Sproul. Sproul takes the story of Nicodemus in John 3 and explains the nature of true conversion.

Ultimate Issues, 4 parts, RC Sproul. Talks with impromptu student interviews, challenging young people about truth claims and morality leading to guilt-removal in Christ.

Choosing My Religion, 5 parts, RC Sproul. Personal talks, and student interviews accompany application of the story of the prodigal son to a generation adrift. Sproul addresses the relativism and rebellion that promise freedom, but deliver misery and death.

Surprised by Suffering, 6 parts, RC Sproul. God is involved in our suffering and in fact God has used suffering to accomplish His highest purposes. Possibly a door to interacting over the gospel with the elderly or unwell.

Objections Answered, 6 parts, RC Sproul. RC takes a careful look at challenges disputing Godís justice, exclusivity, existence, providence, and the reality of eternal life.

Sproul videos available from Sola Scriptura Ministries International Toll Free: 1 800 563 3529