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Apologetics and Evangelism - Butler and Emmanuel

Date: MAY-18-01

Michael Butler and Rev. Tristan Emmanuel Speaker Bios

Recorded at Living Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Jordan, Ontario, May 19-20, 2001

Six Messages available on Digital Audio (MP3) (cd only)

  1. Introduction to Apologetics (1 of 6) Michael Butler
  2. War of the Worldviews (2 of 6) Michael Butler
  3. Strategy and Method of Discipleship Acts 18 (3 of 6) Tristan Emmanuel
  4. The Certainty of God's Existence (4 of 6) Michael Butler
  5. Presuppositionalism in Paul's Address to the Athenians Acts 17 (5 of 6) Michael Butler
  6. Presuppositionalism and the Westminster Confession of Faith (6 of 6) Michael Butler

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To order this six tape series on cassette send $20 to:
The ECP Center
P.O. Box 112, Jordan Station, Ontario, L0R 1S0

Disclaimer: we were unable to filter recording noise caused by suit brushing against the lapel mic.

Speaker Bios

Michael Butler Graduated magna cum laude from CSUF with a B.A. in philosophy and history, and a M.A. in Philosophy from Claremont Graduate School. Michael is known for debating prominent atheists and is a member of the faculty at Bahnsen Theological Seminary.
Southern California Center for Christian Studies (SCCCS)

Rev. Tristan Emmanuel is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Tristan is a church planter in Jordan Ontario, and has recently started the ECP Center with a goal of equipping Christians to defend and proclaim Christian truth in the public square.
ECP Centre